Osallistu Kühner Kelvin+ “The 2ndArt of Shaking” kilpailuun 15.4.2021 mennessä

Julkaistu: 11 tammikuun 2021

Osallistu Kühner Kelvin+ “ The Art of Shaking” kilpailuun.
Kühner järjestää ”THE ART OF Shaking” kilpailun, jossa osallistujat voivat voittaa upouuden
Kühner Kelvin +.

Kuka voi osallistua?
Teollisuuden ja yliopistojen tutkimusryhmät, jotka käyttävät mitä tahansa ravistelijaa.

Osallistu kilpailuun 15.04.2021 mennessä. Lisätietoja ja yksityiskohtaiset ohjeet kilpailuun liittymisestä Kühnerin verkkosivustosta.


 “The 2ndArt of Shaking”

The competition has been extended. Participate in our worldwide competition to win a Kelvin+ for free!

The 2nd Art of Shaking competition is extended to April 15th 2021! We are extending the deadline to give everyone more time to take part in our competition and win a Kelvin⁺ for free!

Every creative submission will be rewarded with a prize! Additionally, we decided to offer a second prize, a Lab-Shaker LS-Z or an accessory voucher of the same value! The winner can decide what is best for their lab.

Check out the competition website: www.kuhner.com/en/contest


Kelvin+, the newest Kuhner shaker family member, is looking for a job at YOUR laboratory!

We are very proud of our Kelvin+. Kelvin+ was a great student, completed an internship, made nice
friendships and graduated top of the class. Kelvin+ is ready to start its laboratory career and is
open to move to any country in the world. Would Kelvin+ make a great member for your team?

How it works
• Watch Kelvin+‘s story on our website and show us
why Kelvin+ should choose your laboratory
• Take pictures or make a video
• Send us your creation

We are looking for exceptional and outstanding ideas!
All entries will be published on YouTube and/or our

Who can take part?
Industry and university research groups using any
orbital shakers.

A LS-Z with Kelvin+ with a tray as desired with a
value of over 11‘000.00 Swiss Francs including a 5
year warranty. If circumstances allow, the Kuhner
team will personally hand over the prize at the
winner‘s premises.

Closing date for entries:
15. April 2021

Find out about how to participate, detailed
instructions, terms & conditions and more on our
competition website:

The most creative entry wins!